College Outside Survey-General Use
What school do you go to?
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Are you a member or leader of an outdoor club/group/program?
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What is the name of your outdoor club/group/program?
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Do you feel the need to shop for outdoor gear (jackets, hiking shoes, etc) as a student or a member of an outdoor club? Why or why not?
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If so, where do you normally purchase your gear? Why?
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If you’re looking at two websites that sell the same item for the same price, what are things that would make you choose one over another? Rank them (1 being most important, 8 being least important)
Ease of navigation of the website
General impression (looks trustworthy, or sketchy)
Frequent promotion (membership deals, etc)
Good customer service (live chat, returns etc)
Word of mouth (heard good things about the website from a friend)
Good selection of products
Delivery time
If you answered "other" please elaborate
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Have you heard of College Outside?
If yes, how did you hear about them
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If you know College Outside, do you have access (active account/log-in information)?
Have you recommended College Outside or talked about it with other members of your club? Please elaborate.
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Have you purchased anything from College Outside?
If so, what have you purchased? What did you like or dislike about the service? Let us know what your experience was like! (skip if this is not relevant to you)
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If you have an account but have not accessed the website, why not?
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