Live performance + Lecture/demo for KISS2018: Altered States
Proposal for a live Kyma performance and accompanying lecture/demonstration describing some technical aspect(s) of the sound design, signal processing, and/or live control code.
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Please note that, once a proposal has been accepted, no substitutions or additions can be made to this list without re-submitting the proposal for a full review by the concert committee. If you are proposing more than three co-creators and performers (including yourself), please contact the concert committee at before submitting the proposal, thanks!
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Title of the live performance *
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Describe your piece (and how it relates to the theme(s) of "altered states" and/or "ecosystems").
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Duration of the live performance *
Due to the large number of live performance proposals, we ask that you limit the duration of your performance to 10' or 15' (or shorter) in duration. If you are proposing a longer duration performance, please check Other and provide a compelling argument for why a longer duration is required.
Which format would be the most suitable for your live performance?
If available, please provide link to a previous performance (or to another, similar work you've performed) *
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Title of the technical presentation *
Focus on one or more technical aspects of your live performance (for example, take us through the signal flow graph of one of your sound synthesis or processing algorithms; trace how you translated physical gestures to control parameters for your Kyma Sounds; take us through how your Timeline or Multigrid is set up).
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Brief abstract *
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Which format do you prefer for the technical presentation? *
Which sound engine can you bring with you for the performance? *
For the live performance, how many line-level audio outputs will you be sending us from your audio interface (or your own small stage mixer)? *
What kind of output connectors does your audio interface have? *
How many live inputs does your piece require? *
If you require live input(s), please describe what type of microphone(s) you need and whether you plan to bring your microphone(s) along with you. Will you need mic stands and clips? How many? *
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If your piece includes video projection, what what is the video output format of your laptop(s) or tablet(s) or other video playback device? *
Where should the laptop, Pacarana, and audio interface be positioned for the performance? *
Please check all positions that would be acceptable to you
Please list any visibility/audibility constraints *
For example, are stage monitors required? Do performers have to be able to see the screen?
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Approximately how much physical space is required by your setup? *
Please list other "furniture" or other non-electronic objects you may need for the performance *
For example, how much table space, how many chairs, music stands, lights, podium, or other non-electrical items that may be needed?
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How many US power outlets are required for your setup? *
Does all of your equipment work with 110 V, 60 Hz? Your laptop & Paca(rana) will work without voltage-converters but you may need plug adapters for your AC cords.
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How much time is needed for your physical setup? *
From the time you walk in the door until the time you can provide sound output?
How much time do you need for your sound check? *
Please note that this is to check levels, not a full rehearsal.
Please describe how the technical setup for your lecture/demonstration differs from what you described for your performance, above *
For example, will you need video projection to show your Kyma screen? Do you need a second screen for slides? Will you be using the same number of microphones? Please give it some thought and let us know how your demo setup may or may not be different from your live performance setup. Thanks!
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How much setup time is required prior to the presentation? *
Anything else? Please let us know if there are other technical or logistical considerations for either the performance or the lecture/demonstrations that we may have overlooked! *
Also, if you've performed this (or a similar) piece before in other venues, what were some of the technical challenges you had to face in those other venues & how did you solve them?
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Since KISS2018 is all about human interaction, we ask that, should your proposal be accepted, you will attend the symposium to present your work. (If unavoidable, unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending, your presentation will have to be dropped from the program). Also, since the proposals are carefully reviewed by a selection committee, we ask that if your proposal is accepted, that you not substitute a different work or different co-presenters without submitting the new proposal for a full review by the selection committee prior to the submission deadline. Although our budget sadly does not allow for remuneration of presenters or performers, the organizers have generously offered to subsidize presenters, co-presenters and performers of accepted presentations at a reduced-rate conference fee (equal to the subsidized student rate).
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