Call for Nominations
Please use the form below to provide a short description of your interest or people that you know would perform well as advisors to the district.

Advisory Board Member Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Attend monthly board meetings and other events/functions (as requested). Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board meetings.
2. Be informed about current challenges faced by Queer communities in the Castro.
3. Chair or co-chair a committee (ex. Arts, Land use, Finance, Nominating, Outreach etc.), and regularly attend committee meetings.
4. Assist in developing the structure of the district and development of bylaws.
5. Assist in the identification and recruitment of new board members.
6. As a member of the Advisory Board, provide oversight and governance of the Cultural District, ensure the fiscal health of the Cultural District, approve annual budget, assist in fundraising, supervise executive staff, and ensure the fulfillment of the Cultural District’s mission.
7. Support inclusion for underserved groups in the district.

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