2018 Guild Beer Education Classes
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Note that all classes are on Sundays, 2-5pm and will be held at Maryland Homebrew in Columbia.
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Beer Evaluation and Sensory Analysis
THIS CLASS HAS ENDED BUT YOU MAY STILL EXPRESS INTEREST IN IT.This class will discuss how we perceive taste and smell, how to completely and properly evaluate beer and coming up with a new vocabulary to describe what you're sensing. Students will sample at least 4 distinct beer styles and learn how to complete a BJCP scoresheet. COST: $10
Sunday, May 6, 2-5pm @ MdHB
Troubleshooting My Beer
THIS CLASS ENDED BUT YOU MAY STILL EXPRESS INTEREST IN IT. In this class we will sample many common flaws found in beer (using the BJCP kit from Seibel Institute). We'll discuss their possible causes and how to correct or reduce them. Students may bring samples of their own homebrew that they wish to share and obtain feedback on. At least 2 high end, unflawed commercial beers will be served (can't just drink flawed beer all afternoon!). COST: $15
Sunday, June 3, 2-5pm @MdHB *
Recipe Formulation
Tired of using other people's recipes? Want to learn how to tweak ingredients and/or process to achieve desired results? This class will cover calculating gravity, IBUs and alcohol by hand, discuss ingredients and how minor changes to the ingredients or how they are used can produce different results in the finished beer. At least 4 classic examples of beer styles will be served and potential recipes discussed. COST: $10
Sunday, July 22, 2-5pm @MdHB *
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