NCARH Mentoring Program
Welcome!!! Thank you so much for your interest in the NCARH Mentoring Program!!!

This is a brand new & exciting initiative with the purpose of creating a smooth transition for new schools interested in becoming a member of the North Carolina Association of Residence Halls! For currently affiliated schools, this mentoring program is a wonderful leadership opportunity that will allow for the "adoption" of a new school's delegation and the chance to show off your school's NCARH spirit!

Applying to be a mentor institution is a one-time commitment. For example, for the 2019 year, mentor institutions will be responsible for mentoring ONE new institution's delegation at the NCARH 2019 conference. For the following year, the form will be re-sent out to apply for the program for the NCARH 2020 conference.

Please fill out the following form by Monday, January 7, 2018 at 11:59pm in order to be considered for this one of a kind opportunity!

What is the name of your institution?
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Contact Information (Email Address)
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Is your institution currently affiliated with NCARH?
Are you applying to be a mentor or mentee institution?
If you are applying to be a MENTOR institution, why are you applying?
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For MENTOR institutions: how will you make your mentee institution's delegation feel welcomed and included at the NCARH conference?
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For MENTEE institutions: If you are applying to be a mentee institution, what are you looking for in this mentor-mentee relationship? What challenges would you like us to be aware of?
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