Green Office Certification Occupant Survey
The Occupant Survey is used to provide insight into the sustainable behavior of the staff members that occupy an office space.

This form must be completed by at least 50% of office staff

What is the name of your office
Is your computer set to a 15 minute sleep mode?
i.e. Your computer will enter "Sleep" mode within 15 minutes of inactivity
Do you usually turn off your computer at the end of the day?
More than 50% of the time
Are your computer and electronics connected to power strips?
Do you have a personal space heater?
The temperature of your office is....
Do you turn off all your lights at the end of the day?
Do you turn off your lights whenever they are not in use?
i.e. when the office is unoccupied
Do you know how to report building maintenance and repair issues?
i.e. lighting and leaks
Have you attended a sustainability related event in the last 6 months?
Environmental clean-ups, on/off campus events, lectures, movie screenings, etc
Do you follow the UCSD Sustainability Office on Instagram?
Do you follow the UCSD Sustainability Office on Twitter?
Have you liked the UCSD Sustainability Office page on Facebook?
Do you know of any possible offices that would like to participate in the GOC program?
Please provide the email and name of the contact(s)
Your answer
Do you utilize a centralized office printer or a personal printer?
When possible, do you utilize double sided printing?
When possible, do you utilize G.O.O.S. printing?
Good On One Side (G.O.O.S) printing is utilizing paper that still has one blank side for printing
When possible, do you set your documents to 3/4" margins on all sides?
Do you utilize the use of electronic forms and documents as much as possible?
Is there a recycling bin paired with every trash can in your office?
Do you reuse office supplies as much as possible?
i.e. Reusing scratch paper
Do you receive your paycheck via direct deposit instead of paper mail?
Do you receive electronic W2 tax forms via email instead of paper mail?
How many days a week do you utilize alternative transportation to get to work?
Walk, bike, use public transportation (bus, coaster, shuttle), carpool, vanpool
How many days a week do you drive alone to work?
If you drive alone, do you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle?
Instead of traveling for meetings or conferences, do you use video/ teleconferencing?
Do you use reusable mugs and water canteens instead of disposable cups and water bottles?
Do you turn off the water when washing your hands?
Do you turn off the water when you wash your dishes?
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