2018 CPU Western Powerlifting & Benchpress Championship Referee Schedule Sign up
September 6 - 9, 2018
Evolve Strength
4825 89 St NW,
Edmonton, AB T6E 5K1
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Are you writing your National Referee's Examination?
Your Province will need to put your name forward to the CPU Referee Chairman with a detailed outline of when you passed your Provincial Examination and the competitions you have officiated for the past three years.
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What days will are you available to Referee?
We need a minimum of 10 Referees to operate 2 Platforms: 6 National Referees in the Chairs, 2 Provincial Referees for Technical Controllers, Minimum of 2 National Referee's or higher for the Jury Table. If you sign up for a session it will be considered a firm commitment to that date and time. This event is scheduled for 1 Platform but may be increased to two if necessary.
Session 1 06:30 Weigh In, Lifting at 08:30
Session 2 11:00 Weigh In, Lifting at 13:00
Session 3 15:00 Weigh In, Lifting 17:00
Thursday September 6, 2018
Friday September 7, 2018
Saturday September 8, 2018
Sunday September 9, 2018
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Understand that you may state your preference however, assignments will be determined by the CPU Referee Chairman.
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