2019 Addink Award Nomination Form
The Addink Community Community Service Award is presented annually to one individual, or family, who has made a positive impact on the community through volunteerism. The deadline to submit a nomination is Sept. 15, 2019.

This year's honoree will be presented the award during Promise Community Health Center's annual "An Evening of Promise" celebration on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, at Terrace View Event Center in Sioux Center. The honoree will be notified prior to the event and recognized publicly.

The award recognizes and honors an exceptional individual or family that makes volunteerism and community service a way of life. The award recipient exemplifies the best in volunteering, a sense of caring and responsibility for others, for the betterment of the local community and beyond.

Specifically, the winner will be someone who:
 Gives freely and unselfishly of their time to community activities;
 Inspires others to serve and acts as a role model;
 Has a positive impact upon the direction and success of community projects, programs or individuals;
 Improves the lives of others.

For more information about the award, visit this link to read the full criteria: http://bit.ly/AddinkAwardCriteria2019

Please fill out the following nomination form completely with complete sentences. We may use some of the information that you provide for a feature story on the honoree.

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