Authorizing Social Media Access to Sploot
To offer flexibility, we can post on your behalf or you can post content we provide for you.  We encourage organizations to grant us access to ensure posting is done consistently or that you have a dedicated volunteer/staff person posting as recommended in the Marketing Calendar.

We are including a walkthrough on how to grant Dana Tharp(Sploot) access to your Facebook/Instagram platforms so we can post on your behalf.  We currently utilize Meta's Business Suite to schedule posts and stories.  At any time, you will be able to see the content scheduled for your social platforms.

We normally create and schedule content 2-3 weeks in advanced!  Stories post for 24 hours and feed posts normally are scheduled between 6:35-8:35am, 12:35pm or between 6:35-9:35pm.  Feel free to post any additional information as per your normal posting schedule as it will not hinder our content scheduling!

*Sploot will not access or otherwise explore messages, notifications or comments.  Authorization will allow us to schedule content on your behalf that specifically relates to the Collaborative Marketing Programs to ensure consistency and therefore increase strategic success for your benefit.
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Granting Access: Please provide access to Dana Tharp(Sploot) as soon as possible if you would like us to post content for you as we will begin scheduling out content to start posting on June 6, 2022!
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