Art Program Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in an Art Program Scholarship.

To qualify for an Art Program Scholarship, applicants must submit or complete the following items:

- Art Program Scholarship Application including a letter of intent
- Digital portfolio of 10 or more artworks
- Campus visit including an interview with Bill Forst or Scott Arthur

$2,000 and $620 scholarships are available to be awarded, as well as work study opportunities in the Shafer Art Gallery or Art Department.

Students who receive an Art Scholarship must complete and sign a contract which states: "Talent, self-discipline, self-motivation, developed visual sophistication and an eagerness to learn are attributes that foster and produce successful students and artists. The Art Scholarship students should serve as a positive example to other students in the department and to the campus as a whole."

Listed below are the terms and conditions involved with receiving an Art Scholarship from the Art Department:

- Maintain a 2.5 GPA
- Be enrolled in a minimum of two Art classes per semester
- Be working with an Art Advisor
- Students may not engage in illegal activities, including but not limited to alcohol or drugs
- Students receiving awards may be required to submit to random drug testing by the college
- Students must must attend Art Program award ceremonies
- Students must attend Art Program seminars

In the event that a student cannot or does not meet these requirements, your award may be reduced or eliminated. In some cases students may be required to repay their department award. All consequences are at the discretion of the Art Department.

The priority deadline to apply for Art Program Scholarships for the following academic year is April 8. Applications may be submitted after the priority deadline but cannot be guaranteed.

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Applicants may upload 10 pieces of art in the previous question or include a link to a digital portfolio.
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