Renewal informations
You will have to use your IR callsign as your main callsign and will have to follow the spirit of the IRDX group

You will inform the director / coordinator / Qsl manager / int. HQ about changes in your postal and email address or other data.

If I do not confirm my address regularly, I know my callsign can be deleted from members´ list (directory) after more than 2 years.

Registration to the International Radio Dx Group is a lifetime registration. For this reason it is important we keep in contact with our members so you are able to provide us with some information to update our records and directory.

If you have not been active for several years and have not provided HQ or a Coordinator/Director with your up to date information you may no longer be in our directory however you are still a member of the group.

When we have not received any information or contact from you in 5 years we classify you as no longer active and your IR unit number can be reallocated.

If this does occur a new unit number will be allocated to you, once you have provided the information we require, either by HQ or your local/country representative to allow you to carry on using your IR lifetime membership.

If this has not occured then you are free to use your callsign whenever you wish but please update your details yearly with either HQ or your local coordinator/director.

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