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Please fill-in the following form and submit it when finished.  Completing this form before your visit will save you time, not to mention saves you from all the usual annoying paperwork that you have to endure in most offices.  The privacy of your information is important to us and we will never share any identifying information with any third parties without your direct consent.  Thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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This section will review your health history and provide Dr. Huang with the necessary information to give you a comprehensive picture of your health.  Please understand that this information will be used with the highest considerations for your privacy according to the regulations set out in HIPAA.  Your honesty is appreciated.
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If yes, it is beneficial to have them with you at your visit (don't stress if you can't get them).
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Is there any chance that you are pregnant?
This question relates specifically to eligibility for imaging studies.  You do not have to answer it if you so choose.
Informed Consent *
Doctors of Chiropractic who use manual therapy techniques are required to advise patients that  there are or may be some risks associated with such treatment. In particular you should note:  a) While rare, some patients may experience short term aggravation of symptoms, rib fractures  or muscle and ligament strains or sprains as a result of manual therapy techniques;  b) There are reported cases of stroke associated with many common neck movements  including adjustments of the upper cervical spine. Present medical and scientific evidence does  not establish a definite cause and effect relationship between upper cervical spine adjustment  and the occurrence of stroke. Furthermore, the apparent association is noted very infrequently.  However, you are being warned of this possible association because stroke sometimes causes  serious neurological impairment and may on rare occasion result in injuries including paralysis.  The possibly of such injuries resulting from upper cervical spinal adjustment is extremely  remote;  c) There is rare reported cases of disc injuries following cervical and lumbar spinal adjustments  or chiropractic treatment.  Chiropractic treatment, including spinal adjustments, has been the subject of government  reports and multi­disciplinary studies conducted over many years and has demonstrated to be  effective treatment for many neck and back conditions involving pain, numbness, muscle spam,  loss of mobility, headaches and other similar symptoms. Chiropractic care contributes to your overall well being. Dr. Huang may record your progress via video.  I consent to have Dr. Huang to use any video footage for educational purposes.  The risk of injuries or complications from chiropractic treatment is  substantially lower than that associated with many medical or other treatments, medications,  and procedures given for the same treatments. I acknowledge I have discussed, or have had  the opportunity to discuss, with my chiropractor the nature and purpose of chiropractic treatment  in general and my treatment in particular (including spinal adjustment) as well as the contents of  this Consent.  I consent to the chiropractic treatments offered or recommended to me by my chiropractor,  including spinal adjustment. I intend this consent to apply to all my present and future  chiropractic care.  
By clicking the box below, you are agreeing to the terms of your visit. *
This means you understand that we collect for services at the time they are received. All initial visits are $200. This includes Remote Sessions and In-Person sessions in the clinic.  If you are a Medicare or Insurance patient you agree to zero reimbursement as Dr. Huang is a non-participating provider for Medicare and all health insurance.  All fees can be found at  It is the patients responsibility to pay for all services performed in the clinic. All payment is due once services are rendered. It is the patients responsibility to maintain appointments. The patient must notify the office within 48 hours if there is a schedule change or cancelation,  otherwise the patient will be billed in full for that appointment time. This a wellness clinic and there are many patients that can benefit from care in the clinic. Giving proper notice allows for other patients to receive care that may be needed. All appointments are scheduled, there are no walk­-ins. So it is very important that patients respect this responsibility.  
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