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This questionnaire is designed to collect your responses about the overall effectiveness of the KBTS on “Basic Concepts of Engineering Drawing” which you have used. The data collected will be used for research purposes only. The ‘confidentiality’ of the data will be strictly maintained. Please spare time to provide your frank and sincere feedback on the KBTS for the noble cause of Research in Education.
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Content is free from errors
Presentation of the conetent is logical and sequential
Adequate animations and examples are included for effective learning
Questions in the post test are relevent to the content of the package
Screen display is smooth and pleasant for learning
The media elements (Text, Graphics, Sound, Animation and Video) have been appropriately used to reinforce the learning.
I was able to learn at my own pace
The KBTS stimulated my interest in learning the concepts.
The KBTS is user friendly .
Out of the three, which was the most difficult module
Which was the easiest Module out the three
List the concepts which you found most difficult to learn?
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Which of the concepts did you found least difficult to learn?
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6. Suggestions for improvements or Remarks
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Thank you for filling this questionnaire. We appreciate your effort and will use the feedback for developing better packages
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