Workshops at the NHC Summer Institute
At the NHC Summer Institute, every teacher is also a student and every student is a teacher. One way in which we share our knowledge with each other is through hour-long workshops that occur throughout the week. Workshops at the NHC are offered by any participants who are excited to share their skills, knowledge, or ideas - they range from text study, to group discussions about a topic of interest, to sessions on how to crochet kippot or tie tzitzit, to song swaps, to mini-lectures. Please let us know what kind of workshop(s) you would like to contribute to the schedule! (Feel free to complete the form multiple times for multiple offerings.) Questions? Email

Please submit all workshop proposals by Sunday, July 5.
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The Online Institute will run from Sunday, July 19 through Saturday, August 1. Workshops will be scheduled during two times slots: 1p-2p and 5p-6p Eastern Time. Please check ALL boxes when you are available to teach your workshop.
1:00-2:00p, 1st week (7/19-7/25)
5:00-6:00p, 1st week (7/19-7/25)
1:00-2:00p, 2nd week (7/26-8/1)
5:00-6:00p, 2nd week (7/26-8/1)
By default, workshops are scheduled for a 60 minute time frame. Would you like your workshop to be schedule for a DIFFERENT amount of time?
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