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This could be contributions to this project, or to other open source projects. This will help us understand your experience and ability to achieve your goals.
Why is this project important to the Clojure community?
Include things like links to bug trackers with vote counts, long-standing open issues, or other evidence showing the need.
Have you been personally impacted by the COVID-19 crisis? How?
Not being impacted by COVID-19 does not disqualify you from receiving Clojurists Together funding.
Are you part of a group that is affected by systemic bias, particularly in technology? If so, can you elaborate?
Not being affected by systemic bias does not disqualify you from receiving Clojurists Together funding
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Projects will be ranked and the top N will be picked to reach $7,500, there is not a specific quota for $500 or $1,000 projects.
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No problem if not, this is just a place to put anything else that doesn't fit above, or any particular circumstances that you have.
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