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Place your order below. Books are $12 for novels and $7 for the novella. Once I receive your order, I will invoice you through Paypal (if Paypal is an issue for you, put it in the notes section and we'll talk). I will announce in my group and on the GRL FB page where I will be with the books and when so you can easily find me!
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If you would like more than one copy of any of the books above, please let me know in this space.
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* FYI--I have stock in hand of the print versions of the starred titles as published in first editions by Dreamspinner Press. The second editions will be independently published in the future and the print editions may look slightly different. As of right now, however, I/we intend to use the same covers.
Are you interested in getting any of the Deviations books in print? I may be able to make a few of these if there is enough interest. (Answering this question is not an order for Deviations books.)
Any comments, requests, other info. (I'll do my best!)
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