Using Shipping KPIs for ship management
This questionnaires is also used for Master Thesis about analysis of user's perspective on the impact of using shipping KPIs on ship management. This is a short survey which takes less than 15 mins to finish.
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1. Company Name
2. Are you BIMCO's member?
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3. BIMCO registration number (if available):
4. Are you main user?
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5. Is your company ship management company?
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If no, please specify Which type of company?
If no, How does your company manage ship?
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6. How long have you been using shipping KPIs?
7. How often do you use shipping KPIs?
8. Which types of ship does your company report? (choose as many as relevant)
9. Which approaches do you use for KPIs selection?
10. Choose KPIs titles that you have been using for ship management
For the next 7 sub-questions, you can choose many options as relevant
Environmental Performance
Health and Safety Performance
HR Management Performance
Navigational Safety Performance
Operational Performance
Security Performance
Technical Performance
11. What is the most important aspect you consider when using shipping KPIs ?
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If other, please specify
12. Does shipping KPIs fully meet your expectation ?
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If No, please specify why
13. What do you use shipping KPIs mainly for?
14. How does shipping KPIs impact your company ship management?
Do you agree on these statements?
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Shipping KPIs improves ship’s reporting
Shipping KPIs improves ship’s benchmarking
Shipping KPIs improves ship’s planning and controlling process
Shipping KPIs affects ship management decision making
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15. Which areas does shipping KPIs help in ship management? (choose as many as relevant)
16. If any, what is the biggest challenge for start using Shipping KPIs?
17. Is all 33 Shipping KPIs enough for ship management?
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If no, please tell us your suggestions
18. Would you prefer a more automated entry for your ships performance data?
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Please explain your choice
19. What kind of improvements you would like to see in the future?
Thank you for your participation
I really appreciate your consideration and support. If there is any issues, please contact me: All your responses will be analysed for Master Thesis and submitted to BIMCO Shipping KPIs for future improvements.
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