Community Poll #7
If you do not have something to say for a fill-in-the-blank answer, leave it empty. Typing nothing answers like "no" or "yes" causes issues and may lead to your votes being removed.
Under what classification of humanity do you fall? (pls be honest) *
Have you written for RPC? If not, do you plan on writing for the site?
Do you feel like the MST acronym (Mobile Specialized Team) needs to change?
What do you think about the suggestions that have been given?
I like it
I dont
Mobile Specialized Team (MST Echo-1)
Mobile Specialized Task Force (MSTF Echo-1)
Task Force (Task Force Echo-1)
Mobile Strike Team (MST Echo-1)
Mobile Strike Force (MSF Echo-1)
Specialized Task Force (STF Echo-1)
Special Operations Unit (SOU Echo-1)
Specialized Response Unit (SRU Echo-1)
Rapid Excursion, Tactical Armed Response Defenses (RETARD Echo-1)
Put any other MST replacement suggestions here.
Do you think the new Community Reps are doing well?
Tarbolin69 (Discord)
Gauge Boson/bXluYW1lamVmZg (Site)
What suggestions do you have for site staff?
Discord staff?
Should a placeholder board for RPC be created on 8chan in a similar fashion to the subreddit?
Should color be added to the RPC logo? (Not exactly this but something like it)
Captionless Image
Are you satisfied with the current amnestics system?
If not, what would be a good change?
What are suggestions you have?
What are your thoughts on the recently canonized GOIs? (Remnants, RCPA, Academy of True Art)
Should contests be done more or less frequently?
Suggestions for future contests, or general opinions on RPC contests?
Pride month is slowly approaching. Which do you feel is a better option?
Should there be a subset of polls restricted only to writers?
Why or why not?
What's your favorite color? *
Enter any suggestions for future polls here
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