MIDP Academic Year 2019 Registration Form: January Intake
We are excited to announce that the registration for January 2019 intake is now open!

Please note that the Academic Year will be divided into 3 semesters (1 month break in between):
- Semester 1/2019 (January - March)
- Semester II/ 2019 (May - July)
- Semester III/2019 (September - November)

Please note the registration process flow:
- Upon registration, you will receive an email with instructions for settlement of semester fee.
- Once you have made the payment, email the proof of transfer to us.
- You will then receive an email confirmation on the registration and placement in class together with a Student Handbook.

The following are the fee structure for our courses:
1. Competitive Debating (RM 600 per semester)
2. Public Speaking (RM 600 per semester)
3. Drama & Creative Expression (RM 600 per semester)
4. Poetry & Spoken Word (RM 600 per semester)
5. Holistic Learning (RM 900 per semester)
6. Eloquent Juniors (RM 600 per semester)
7. Strategic Executive Skills (RM 900 per semester)
Note: You may register for more than 1 course. However, you need to fill in this form for each of the course.

If you have any inquiries, do contact us here:
MIDP Office - 03 7731528
Allison Jong - 016 8520687
Email: enrollment@midp.edu.my

Particulars of Student
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Current Institution *
Please state the current school or other learning institution that the student is enrolled in. For homeschooling student without any institution, you can indicate "home school".
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