Call for Visual Artists - Latin American Art Exhibition 2020
May 2020
cSpace King Edward at 1721 29th Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alberta

Register to participate by March 15, 2020.

Casa Mexico Foundation invites professional and emerging visual artists to participate in the Third Latin American Art Exhibition & Festival. Mediums such as photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media are welcome. If you are a Latin American visual artist, or; Canadian or International artist whom do artwork inspired in Latin America, this is a great opportunity to have your art exhibited at the Latin American Art Exhibition and Festival 2020 at cSPACE King Edward.
To participate please register using the form Google Docs below

The artist and Casa Mexico Foundations agrees on the following:
1. The Artist declares that:
He/She is the creator of the artwork submitted to the exhibition and the artwork is original.
2. Deadlines, Drop Off & Participation Fees:
 Artists interested in participating please register online and sign terms of agreement. The deadline to register to participate is March 15, 2020.
 Art drop off is on May 3, 2019 at cSPACE King Edward, 1721 29 Ave S.W., Calgary, Alberta.
3. Participation Fees
Individual Pieces
• $25 per single art piece. (Size subject to approval by Organizer Committee).
Limited Spots for Artist Collection
• $175.00 for an 8 linear feet wall space reserved for individual artistic collection.
• $300.00 for a 16 linear feet wall space reserved for individual artistic collection.
• All participant fees must be sent via e-transfer to
4. License Conditions:
Artist authorizes Casa Mexico the reproduction of the works on the digital invitations, posters or/and print advertising and authorizes to use the images for the purposes of communication to the public through, but not limited to social media, email, website, newspaper, radio and online media channels.
5. Returning & Picking up artwork:
Artist is responsible for picking up his/her artwork on Monday May 20, 2019 from cSPACE King Edward, 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta. If artwork is not picked up at this time Casa Mexico will charge the artist a storage fee of $10.00 per day per piece.
6. Artwork installation:
Framed artwork is not required. ALL ARTWORKS MUST BE READY TO BE HUNG UP (D-RING AND/OR WIRE) PROVIDED BY THE ARTIST. Sculpture submissions would need a plinth for displaying purposes and artist should be providing them.
We reserve the right not to exhibit artwork that is not ready to be hung up.
In all cases the curator committee will be responsible and have the final decision on the curation of the exhibition regarding space allocation and design.
7. Liability:
Artist assumes full financial liability and responsibility for any damage, loss of property belonging to c-SPACE King Edward facilities, or any works of art belonging to yourself and/or other artists. Artist releases c-SPACE and Casa Mexico from any liability arising out of the use of the gallery space including personal injury incurred during or because of such use.
8. Sales:
Sales of the artwork is at artist’s discretion. Prices are determined by the artist when submitting the pieces and distribution of sales will go as follows:
• 80% of the sale price of the art piece goes to the artist and 20% will go to Casa Mexico
9. Termination:
This contract will be terminated on May 20, 2019, upon retrieval of the artwork by the artist.
10. Declarations
I (Artist name), ______________________________________have read all the rules and provisions contained in this contract and agree to adhere to them throughout the duration of the Latin American Art Exhibition.

Signed by Artist _________________________________________________________

Signed by Casa Mexico Representative _______________________________________

Exhibition represented by Miguel Cortines, President Casa Mexico Foundation

Signed in Calgary, Alberta on date ___________________________________________

Please print and fill out this form and bring it with you when dropping off your art.
For additional information you can contact us at or at 403.585.5675

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After you complete your submission we will send you an invoice with participant fees according with the category you selected.
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