SKILLS Project: Mapping of frameworks allowing persons with disabilities to control their individual budgets and support services
Dear Respondent,

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire.

This questionnaire is part of a research conducted by SKILLS (, a 24-month Erasmus+ project that aims to enable the full citizenship of persons with disabilities by improving skills and competencies of different stakeholders in self-directed support. The project addresses the need to explore and define what systems of self-directed support are in place in different countries and how they can best support individuals with disabilities in exercising choice about their lives.

The objective of this survey is to map existing legal and financial frameworks for self-directed support or similar system in different countries. The results of this survey will be incorporated in an intellectual output, entitled ‘Report: Self-Directed Support in Europe’, which will be released at the end of the project (July 2019).

Self-directed support (SDS) is a system to organise the help people need so the person has as much control as possible. It aims to improve the lives of people with social care needs by empowering them to be equal partners in decisions about their care and support. For example: SDS allows people to choose how their support is provided, and gives them as much control as they want of their individual budget.

The questionnaire is structured in the following way:

Section A . Identifying and describing existing frameworks in your country
Section B. General Information about the respondent
In order to make this research a success, we invite you to provide as much information as possible while filling in the questionnaire.

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience. We appreciate your time and your contribution to our efforts in improving our understanding of how self-directed support systems are developed in different countries and what the risks and benefits are of the different systems.

For any questions please contact

- SKILLS project team
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