DIVE DEEP - Permaculture for Regenerative Education
DIVE DEEP - Permaculture for Regenerative Education
November 2-12, 2018, Essertfallon
Jura canton- Switzerland

Dive Deep is a 10 day course combining elements of Social Permaculture as well as internationally renowned teacher Rosemary Morrow’s "Permaculture Teaching Matters" (PTM) training.

The course has been developed for trainers and facilitators working with youth who want to deepen and develop their experience in teaching, authentic vocation, permaculture, and social entrepreneurship.

Dive Deep will help participants to:
* Develop and deepen training and facilitation skills through non-formal education;
* Learn to pass on knowledge of permaculture theory and practice in ways that create real change in students and activates communities;
* Apply the ecological principles of permaculture to social structures to create solid and efficient organisations;
* Study economic models which serve to develop and enrich local communities (social innovation and enterprise, alternative currencies, time banks, LETS schemes, divestment, right livelihoods);
* Use Systems Theory in identifying the leverage points to support positive transformation of society;
* Find their path through a process called "Design Your Life";
* Design community resilience.

Facilitators: Alfred Decker, Valentina Cifarelli, Giuseppe Sannicandro and Cecilia Furlan

Training course is financed by the CH Foundation through the interim solution for Erasmus+ for youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, trainers and facilitators (with no age limit) from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Finland, Portugal, Spain and Kosovo. Three people can participate from each country.

The costs of food, accommodation and travel will be covered by the grant.
To ensure the high quality and the sustainability of this project as well as the fair payment of the organisers, we ask participants a course fee between 200 and 400€/CHF according to their possibilities.

Deadline to apply: 30th of September 2018.

The selection of participants will happen by the 8th of October.

For more information visit our website:
or write to coccinelles.assoc@gmail.com

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