New Student Orientation Leader Application, 2018
Application Due Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

**Students who are going on an International Program in the Fall of 2018 are not eligible to apply to be an Orientation Leader.**

Each year Student Activities selects students to be Orientation Leaders. The goal of this position is to provide assistance to incoming students and parents while furthering and embodying Pepperdine’s Christian Mission. The leaders are required to provide leadership, service, and guidance to their incoming peers.

As an Orientation Leader, you MUST be available Thursday, August 16, 4 p.m. through Saturday, August 25, 2018.

If chosen to serve as an Orientation Leader, I understand my obligation to attend ALL ORIENTATION FUNCTIONS. I also understand that it is my responsibility to promote a positive atmosphere for new students and to uphold the stated Code of Conduct of the University. I will not drink alcohol at any time during orientation.

In order to be considered for and hold the position of Orientation Leader, a student must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA and must not be on a probationary status with the University for any reason.

This application and a faculty staff recommendation are due Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

Remember to sign up in the HAWC for an interview. Bring your resume.

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