11th International Inter University Short Film Festival 2019
Dhaka University Presents you with the 11th edition of International Inter University Short Film Festival. It is a festival to promote and inspire the work of University going filmmakers with the slogan "Take Your Camera, Frame Your Dream". In 2007, International Inter-University Short Film Festival (IIUSFF) started its journey with the goal to provide a platform for the young and talented student filmmakers in Bangladesh and overseas to showcase their talent. Over the years, it has succeeded in creating a name of its own and to work as a cross-cultural platform to portray the different styles and dimensions of young University-going filmmakers throughout the world.

Festival Category
From the 10th International Inter University Short Film Festival there have been two category in the festival. First one is the regular short films and the other one is "Short Film on Refugee". These two category each will have three segments.
Competition: length 15 minutes maximum. These films will compete for the awards
Panorama: length 20 minutes maximum. These films will be screened on screening sessions upon selection. These films will not take part in competition, but will be considered for the special mentions.
One minute short: length 1 minutes maximum. These films will compete for the awards.

Rules & Terms
Please read the required terms and condition of the festival below:

1. By submitting a Film to IIUSFF for Festival consideration, the submitter represents that he or she has obtained consent from any and all owners, creators, writers, producers, and/or other authorized representatives of the Film whose consent is required to submit the Film to 11th IIUSFF and screen the Film at the Festival, and has read, understood, and agreed to the Terms.

2. The entrant has to be an undergraduate student or postgraduate student, currently enrolled in a University/College. Those who have completed their undergraduate studies within the previous 2 (Two) years are also eligible.

3. By submitting the film to IIUSFF, the Applicant and Film Owners hereby warrant and represent that the Film is wholly original and is not copied from and does not include any other work that is the subject of copyright or other protection, unless such work is in the public domain or the Submitting Parties have obtained any and all consents, releases, licenses and we the festival staff take no responsibility in this matter.

4. The submitted Film must not defame any person or violate the common law or statutory rights, including, without limitation, the rights of privacy and publicity or any other right of any person

5. Films previously submitted to any edition of International Inter University Short Film Festival are NOT eligible.

6. There is no restrictions on theme, genre.

7. The festival authority reserves the right to disqualify any submission without screening fees.

8. Any single entrant can submit a maximum of two films in any category.

9. Submitted films cannot be available in any open access streaming site (e.g.- YouTube, Facebook) during the competition period.

10. Films earlier screened in other festivals (in any country) are eligible. The entrant has to mention the names of the festivals the film has been screened in.

11. All accepted films may be screened more than once, and are scheduled at the discretion of the festival authority.

12. All entries must submit embedded English subtitle with the film. Dialogue lists are not accepted.

13. The festival staff may accept late submissions in its sole and absolute discretion,

14. By submitting their films in our competition, entrants submit the screening rights to Dhaka University Film Society (DUFS). Selected films will be screened in public sessions and DUFS holds the right to screen the films in selected festival venues.

15. Please keep us informed of any changes regarding your contact information by emailing dhakauniversityfilmsociety@gmail.com

16. The IIUSSF authority reserves the right to rule, in its sole discretion, on cases and situations not foreseen by these Terms.

Submission deadline: May 30, 2019



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