Hong Kong Kindergarten Profile Survey
The main purpose of the survey is to create a centralized platform for parents to submit a review of their child's school / kindergarten. Your answers will help another parents to better understand a school's profile. Our goal is to help parents to make a better decisions by leveraging insider's information.
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If the kindergarten is affiliated to a primary school, please let us know the name of the school.
Is the kindergarten covered by the Hong Kong government's subsidized kindergarten scheme? *
What is the range of expenditure for one school year at your child's current kindergarten? (including school fee, uniform, text books and any other miscellaneous charges.) *
What's the main teaching language? ( Please specify for others) *
Are teachers comfortable communicating in other languages apart from Cantonese e.g. English / Mandarin with the parents?
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How would you rate the teacher's engagement with the parents? *
Lack of communication
Very engaging and lots of feedbacks recived
Are there any extracurricular activities offered by the school? If yes, please specify.
Based on your observation, which school culture applies to your child's kindergarten? (You may tick more than one box) *
What's the mixed of races in the kindergarten? *
Does your child enjoy his / her kindergarten? Is he / she looking forward to go to the kindergarten every day? *
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How would you rate the teachers in the school? *
Needs improvement
How would you rate the school facilities? *
Needs improvement
How likely will you recommend other parents to apply to this kindergarten? *
Not likely
Highly recommended
Do you have any tips to share with other parents regarding the interview session?
Why did you choose to enroll your child in this kindergarten?
What is your overall comment of this kindergarten?
Thank you for taking part in this survey and giving us the insider information!
This consolidation is done by Parent Insider Network (PAIN).
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