How to join in ORYX public sales? 🤔

1. Minimum purchased is $25

2. Please contact @bimoxa or @marshalllife on telegram before you make purchased

3. Please select one of the wallets address below to make purchase :
ETH : 0x439d5924500Aa4E2F0cD5A0d84fdd9c8Cb983418
BTC : 1FZj2wq7dkaFJ3cvYJ3PBsGYkg9tcGhMMj

3. Please fill this FORM

Thank you for purchasing the Oryx Token. 🙏🏻
Public sale price - 0.055 USD.
Total supply - 100.000.000

Please, kindly fill in your details to ensure we verify your purchase and send you the acquired amount of your ORX TOKENS.

Oryx Token will be sent to investors 24hrs after filling this form.

Oryx Project is a community-driven blockchain project with scalability in mind for total Decentralization of E-commerce.
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