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I am putting together a peer support small group for the PsyChicks Community, where the focus is on providing consistent connection and encouragement for those who are looking for some consistency in their spiritual practice.

This small group is for those who struggle with consistency and momentum ( you come in and out of spiritual practice ) and who wish to have a place to discuss what they are doing and how it is working. Also share what they are learning and working on with others without judgement.

This is free to partake in but a donation / tip cup will be offered by the organizer each week. 

The theme is spiritual development, what you are practicing and how it is impacting your life.

Things that may be shared: anything relating to your "spiritual practice", examples: tarot card reading, journaling, meditation, prayer. Also things you are learning and thinking about. Ideas you may be applying to your life that are creating experiences you'd like to discuss. 

Date of this small group will be Tuesday Night's at 7:00pm MST via Zoom, link will be sent out to your email. 
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Why Do You Want To Join A Spiritual Practice Consistency Small Group?
This is NOT business related or marketing opportunity although members ( and host ) may have businesses that they speak about and share during these meetings. We are looking for those who wish to participate to be of support to others and also be supported in their goals. We would like to keep this focused on personal development and growth, not  business focused. Do you understand? *
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