Police application
Make sure that you have read the police guide well as there can be updates occasionally. Write with as much detail as you can for all of the longer answers. Good luck and keep in mind if you ask about your applications in game, your chances of becoming a cop are greatly decreased. If you don't hear a response within a week then presume you were denied <3
What is your in game name? *
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What timezone/ country are you from? (Feel free to skip this one if you are not comfortable with it)
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What rank are you on the server? (Check by /ranks) *
What is your playtime on the server? (Do /ar time in game to check) *
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How active would you be able to be? (How many hours per day/ week? are you able to be online?) *
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What is your reputation? (Check by doing /rep in game) *
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Do you have Discord? *
If yes, what is your discord name?
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After how many times a person is hit with a wooden stick can they be charged with assault? *
Edward is on Jozef's plot, and Jozef wishes him to leave. You then.. *
Is /back allowed to catch a criminal? *
Alan, a trusted friend, tells you that Lizzie hit him with a diamond sword, and you see them combat tagged. Do you... *
The person you jail has 14 murders on their /incidents but you know only 6 of them were done in the past 30 minutes. The bail price should be: *
You tp to someone and after you get there, you watch them murder another player. Do you.. *
You are walking down a street and see a dodgy looking man walking behind you. You want to check if he has illegal drugs. Do you.. *
Someone hands over the old 'pistol license' and they have a pistol. What do you do? *
You realise you falsely jailed someone. You then.. *
A player who has drugs is 1000 blocks away from anywhere you know, you then.. *
You jailed someone 32 minutes after they committed the crime, which is past the 30 min mark. You then.. *
Why do you want to become a police officer? (I would suggest making this a longer more detailed answer for yours to be considered more) *
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Name one time where you have made a mistake (irl or in game), and what you learned from it. *
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Any last comments & secret words?
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