Application for October Training for Social Action Trainers
We are exited that you're interested in applying to attend our Training for Social Action Trainers Workshop. Please take a moment and share with us a little more about yourself and why you feel drawn to this program at this time.

Due to the small and intensive nature of this event, this questionnaire is a bit longer and more in-depth than most. Please share as much as you feel comfortable sharing - there is no min/max length for responses and no pressure. We will follow up with more questions or a phone call if we need more information.

Participant selection will be based on multiple factors including prioritizing the inclusion and representation of a diverse participant body. Space is limited. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and we hope to let everyone know about their status as soon as possible! If you do not get accepted immediately, you may be placed on a wait list if space becomes available.

Please note that if you are accepted your name and bio will be shared with the other participants of the program just prior to the event.

We'll be in touch to let you know we've received your application and any updates about our applicant selection process. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact Jen at

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Phone Number
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Please share with us a little about how do you identify? (Gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, class, and anything else that makes you who you are. Please feel free to share in your own words and as you are comfortable.) We ask because we value diversity, the opportunity to create safe space, and want to know how to best meet participant needs:
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We are hoping to offer this program bilingually. Do you speak Spanish, English, or both languages fluently?
Tell us about why you're interested in attending this training workshop. What are you hoping to bring to it? What are you hoping to gain from it?
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Please share with us about how you are (and have been) working for justice in the communities you're a part of. What has this looked like? Where are you currently with your involvement?
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What big questions are alive for you about your facilitation, organizing, training, leadership in this moment? What are your learning/growing edges? What are you most seeking to strengthen and develop in yourself?
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Help us to understand how you might carry this work forward. How do you hope to share what you learn during this weekend? How will you use your new skills and experiences? What kinds of collaborations and opportunities might this skill development make possible for you and your community?
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How much can you pledge to contribute toward registration, if your application is accepted? (Training for Change recommends a sliding scale for this workshop. Please choose the level below that matches your income or best represents what are you able to contribute at this time. Pledging a higher fee, if you're able, hels us grant scholarships and accept more folks who pledge lower amounts. If you are form an organization with a budget over $200k, we ask for a $700 contribution. Please contact with any questions.)
We are currently working out details for possible scholarships. Would you like additional information regarding scholarship?
Please share with us a mini bio about yourself! It can be just a few sentences of introduction that we can eventually share with our facilitators and other participants. Include anything that feels important to you. Please write this in third person (e.g. "Natalia currently lives in the town where she grew up...").
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What questions do you have for us? What are you wondering? Anything else you want to share? Please let us know!
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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