FINISHED! Georgia Absentee Letters Sign UP
**We are done sending out Absentee Letters. Sign up if you are interested in doing it for the next election!**

WHAT WE ARE DOING: Sending Absentee Ballot Applications by mail to infrequent Dem voters in Georgia (who are already registered) for the Jan 5 election that will decide the US Senate.
WHY: This had a HUGE impact Nov 3 in PA (we sent 135k applications) - in one study, it increased voting by a whopping 9%. It might be the most effective thing we can do.
HOW: For this round, addresses come in batches of 25, and you will need 50 envelopes, 50 stamps ($27.50), Avery-like labels (2 sheets) and to print about 50 sheets of paper. It takes about 2-5+ hours (depending on printer & your handwriting speed.)
WHEN: You will have several days to one week to complete -- ideally out by Dec 14.
NOTE: Sometimes it takes a few days to get the addresses out to volunteers -- you will definitely have enough time.

Thank you!
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