COVID-19 Positive Case Report Form
If a player on a USQ team contracts COVID-19, the team must inform USQ within 7 days of the positive test result. League staff will then guide the team through the quarantine and isolation process detailed below, making sure that all participants in team activities who might have been exposed are informed of the situation and taking the necessary precautions. Per the CDC, we use the term quarantine for those who may have been exposed to COVID-19, and the term isolate for those who have been tested positive for COVID-19.

If a player on a USQ is exposed to someone who may have COVID-19, they must inform their team leadership immediately. The team leadership must then determine if any other players on the team may have been exposed through the original player. If there has been potential team transmission, then team leadership must report this to USQ, and everyone must follow the quarantine and isolation procedures detailed in our return to play guidelines.

Besides team contact information, no other personal information is collected when reporting a positive case.

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COVID-19 Case Information
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