Applications: Chairs and Discussants for the Student Panels
Dear Participants,

The IAPSS World Congress 2019 begins in two months, and in addition to your active participation in the discussions and/or your paper presentations, you can also apply for the positions of:

a) Panel Chair (responsible for guiding the student panel discussion and complying with time limits)

b) Paper Discussant (responsible for reviewing all papers of the respective student panel and giving feedback).

There are 30 student panels in total. Please choose which position suits you best.

The application will be open until the 10 of May 2019. Note you must purchase a ticket for the World Congress to be considered for one of these positions. You will be informed about our choice shortly afterwards.

See you in Madrid!

Yours sincerely,
World Congress Management Team

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Any other remarks? If you would be available only on specific dates (The panels take place from Tuesday 04.04 to Friday 07.04), please mention it below.
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