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Enterprise is a partnership with the local community and the Pasco School District. This program provides our senior students with the opportunity to apply what they learn in a real-world setting while giving back to their community.

Students are grouped into small “consulting firms” where they work together to create a solution to one of five community challenges.

Each student firm is paired with a business professional or community member to guide and mentor them!

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Mentors are the heart of the project. Each Mentor is assigned a student consulting firm where they facilitate and mentor through the week-long process. Mentors and students form a special bond throughout the week.

What we need from Mentors:
The desire to work with and share your experience with young people
Attend an Orientation before the event.
Daily time commitment:
March 26-30 7:20am-2:30pm

If you cannot commit the entire week, consider job sharing with a colleague/friend to split the time.

Before each firm presents their solutions to a “Board” they need a little help. Each firm will be required to sign up for three consulting sessions. Our consultants will be members of the local business community who can help with marketing, financials, presentation skills and industry information specific to their challenge.

Consultant Times:
Tues. March 27 11:00am-2pm
Wed. March 28 11:00am-2pm

Day Preference for Consulting
Area of Preference for Consulting
Friday morning all the student consulting firms will come together and present solutions for their community challenge. We invite parents and community members to come out and see all 10 solutions for one of our five community challenges and vote for the top three firms.

Judge Times:
Friday March 30 8:30a-11:30a

Division Selection - Next question will allow you to choose a division.

GROW PASCO DOWNTOWN: Through this challenge students will focus on economic development for downtown Pasco. Opportunities may increase cultural awareness focus on Pasco’s uniqueness, help build Pasco’s economy, increase utilization of existing facilities, and help enliven Pasco. Some possibilities include upgrading residential options to attract diversity, develop arts and culture institute and commission, create mixed use development on the waterfront, and your own ideas. The possibilities are endless!

BOOST RECREATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES: A healthy and vibrant community provides for the social, economic, and recreational needs of its members. As a part of this group, you will work to find solutions to provide facilities and programs to engage community members of all ages, and impact their quality of life. Examples include: build and develop an aquatic park, improve the walk and ride-ability in community, and increase socialization activities within neighborhoods.

ECO/RECYCLING: Would you like to be a part of the challenge to develop creative solutions
targeted at reducing the community’s carbon footprint? Students will be encouraged to explore existing opportunities and “green” initiatives already available to the community around recycling. These efforts may include: communication campaigns; cost comparisons; research on the benefits of recycling and making environmentally friendly choices; exploring opportunities both in Pasco Schools and the community at large, or reduction in the consumption of energy and natural resources. Recycling helps protect our environment both locally and globally. Be a part of creating a healthy and sustainable environment in the Tri-Cities.

SUCCESS IN SCHOOL: If reaching the 24 credit goal is “success” in high school then how do we help all students achieve that? In this challenge, barriers to success that need consideration are peer-pressure, transportation, family issues, homelessness, non-engaging teachers, and any other complications that might apply to reaching the 24 credit goal. In this division you will work with peers to come up with solutions to these dilemmas. The outcomes of this division could change our community altogether. This could help thousands of students reach this 24 credit goal for graduation with greater success for life.

SERVICE: Impact your community by creating a unique approach to social change!! The community you live in is looking for a diverse and holistic approach to problems such as teen pregnancy, mental health, support services for foster children, and an avenue to encourage those who resist change. Help be a part of leaving a lasting impact and legacy for the community you live in.

Division Preference
Enterprise week is a 501(c3) non-profit organization. Please consider sponsoring a firm, sending employees as volunteers, or making a private donation. You can also support us through Amazon Smile, Yokes Community Cards, and Fred Meyer Rewards Cards. Check out our website for more information at

Checks may be made out to "Enterprise Week" and mailed to
Enterprise Week
1215 W Lewis St.
Pasco, WA 99301

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