Reiki Sessions with Donna Brown
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My clients share they feel calm, and relaxed, and renewed after a Reiki session from me.  Are you ready to experience that as well?
Client Testimonials
REIKI is a life force energy used to improve one’s health and quality of life. It has a spiritual component in its healing. ‘Rei’ is the Japanese word for ‘Higher Power’ and ‘ki’ is the word for life force energy. In other words, Reiki is ‘spiritually guided life force energy’ and Karuna means 'Compassionate Action'.  It clears the pathways of negative energy such as stress, anxiety, physical pain, and emotions including sadness and confusion–all performed with compassion.   During the session I will identify and clear the energetic blocks, balance and align your chakras, remove any stagnant energy, and personalize the session to whatever your body requires.  Most sessions take place via zoom, in person when possible.
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When you receive energy work, it is important to drink a large amount water throughout the day.  Our body releases toxins after the session and can cause discomfort if they are not flushed properly by drinking water.  Please initial below that you understand the importance of drinking water after your session. *
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Thank you for your desire to receive Reiki!  I will contact you to schedule our session once I have your completed form.  If you have any questions, please email me at   Gratefully, Donna
If you are seeking my Reiki Certification program, please use this link:
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In providing your name and initials on this form you agree by receiving Reiki from Donna Brown you understand what to expect during and after your sessions and if you do not you agree to ask for clarity and you will not hold Donna Brown of DonnaBrownDesigns responsible for any outcomes that you may experience from your sessions.   Please provide your name and initials below.  Thank you!  I am incredibly grateful you have chosen to allow me to guide you on your journey! *
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