Participation in Online Yoga live classes
Hatha Yoga & Pilates Studio ( and Dimitris Dibelo ( in cooperation with the online Greek Lessons ( and the online coaching school "Έτσι Μαθαίνω" ( invite you to attend the online live yoga lessons!

In These Times: Find an Online Class and Community During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Hatha Yoga & Pilates Studio wants to encourage you to take this time to build a strong practice, find a virtual community for support, and use your yoga off the mat to help those in need. Here, your resource guide for practicing at home, staying balanced, boosting immunity, and keeping local teachers employed and families healthy. The cost of participation is 5 $/€ per lesson

Not everyone can afford to pay for classes, particularly now. If you or someone you know is in pain and could benefit from yoga, we accept free donation trough PayPal as well!

Your daily life may have just dramatically shifted, but now more than ever it's important to keep up your yoga practice. Whether you're self-isolating at home or on the front lines, we're inviting you to take a beginner workshop week with Dimitris Dibelo, to help you find your center—so you can stay calm when you step off your mat. (Feel free to ask for further info)
Online beginner workshops will be provided to a small group of practitioners (maximum 2 people). 
Course: Beginner Yoga Workshops Duration 1 week.

Do you feel stressed, anxious, fatigued, or in bad mood? Join Dimitris online workshop to learn effective gentle movement, restorative, and breathing practices that will help you overcome emotional roadblocks that weigh you down. Register now 
Course: Pranayama Workshops Duration 4 days.

Pranayama is so much more than breath control. It optimizes absorption of prana (life force), which enlivens you, and taps into a center of calm and peace that always resides within. If you want to learn how to create a transformational and sustainable pranayama practice, join Dimitris. Register now 
Course:Pranayama Workshops Duration 1 week.

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