Firewise Hours in Sherwood Fire District
This form allows residents of the Sherwood Forest Estates and Mountain Rose Ranch Estates neighborhoods in Northern Arizona to track the hours they have spent making their homes more fire safe.

For example, if you and your friend raked pine needles one weekend for about 4 hours from all around your home going out the driveway you probably worked in several of the zones listed below. You also probably put in 8 hours, not just 4 hours (since two people worked). You might decide to split the 8 hours into 2 hours for Immediate zone, 5 hours for intermediate zone and 1 hour in the extended zone.

[If you can't remember how many hours you worked, you can opt to give percentages. For example, over the course of the year you may have spent 70% of your time working in the intermediate zone, 10% in the immediate zone, 10% on the house and 10% on the extended zone. We are just looking for estimates. Thanks!]

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House - Risk reduction work from the roof down to the foundation.  Activities include: fire-resistant roofing, cleaning litter from roofs and gutters, screening vents, chimney spark arrestors and screening, no openings in skylights or siding, enclosed eaves and soffits, decks/porches free of  flammable materials, under deck area free of flammable materials and vegetation, etc. List the total number of  (person) hours spent. For example, 3 people worked for 2 hours equals 6 total hours.
Immediate Zone: 0 to 5 ft. from the foundation or attachments (decks/porches).  Activities include: installation of hardscaping components, replacing combustible mulches with stone/gravel, tree and shrub removal, rake and remove pine needles, leaves, litter and debris, trim back tree limbs that overhang this area, move firewood into extended zone, etc. List total number of  hours spent.
Intermediate Zone: 5-30 ft. from the foundation or attachments (decks/porches).  Activities include: lawn and native grass maintenance, clustered trees and shrubs with space between clusters, tree thinning/limbing to reduce crown fire potential, etc. List total number of  hours spent.
Extended Zone: 30-100 ft. from the foundation or attachments (decks/porches).  Activities include: needles, leaves, litter and debris removal, tree thinning to reduce crown fire potential, etc. List total number of  hours spent.
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