America The Story of Us - Revolution
Answer the questions below while watch the America the Story of US Revolution Video
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1. Who was Joseph Plum Martin? *
2. Which of the following was a characteristic of a British Ship of the Line? *
3. When was the Declaration of Independence signed? *
4. At the start of the American Revolution, which major city did the the British invade? *
5. Which of the following happened to the Continental Army at the Battle of New York? *
6. How many American prisoners about British prison ships died? *
7. What was General John Burgoyne's Plan at the Battle of Saratoga? *
8. Which American general lead 500 riflemen at the Battle of Saratoga? *
9. As a result of the American victory at Saratoga, which European nation agreed to help the United States? *
10. Which of the following was George Washington's greatest challenge as the leader of the Continental Army? *
11. How does George Washington deal with an outbreak of small pox within the Continental Army? *
12. Who helps train the Continental Army during their time at Valley Forge? *
13. What does the Continental Army leave Valley Forge with? *
14. During the American Revolution, George Washington was a master of which of the following below: *
15. Why was the Battle of Yorktown important? *
16. What is one question that you would still like to have answered about the American Revolution? *
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