Provide SOCA with a Dedicated Space in the New Student Union Building

For over 25 years SOCA has served as a safe community space for students of Caribbean and African Ancestry, providing support, advocacy and education. In 1997, space in the Rotunda was allocated to SOCA and other equity-seeking groups like Out on Campus and First Nations Students Association. SOCA has served as a safe space for the black community and allies centering community building, representation, social justice and inclusivity.

With regards to the Rotunda space, SFU and SFSS had landed on that space in the Rotunda would be given back to SFU in exchange for all Rotunda groups getting space in the SUB. In 2013 consultations for the SUB, the Student Society had committed that the groups in the Rotunda Community would be allocated space in the SUB. In April of 2018, SOCA receives eviction notice of December 14, 2018. On 19th of November 2018, SFSS decided to move to a month-to-month agreement for the current rotunda space, but have not allocated dedicated space in the Students Union Building for SOCA.

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, domestic or international, person of color or not, we should all agree that there should continue to be appropriate space for black students and marginalized communities on this campus.

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Letter of Support:
Hello SFSS Board of Directors,

I am writing in response to the impending displacement of the Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry (SOCA) from SFU Campus by the SFSS. I wholeheartedly condemn the and discriminatory actions of the SFSS Board of Directors. The discussions and meetings with this student group have not been negotiated in good faith. I stand in solidarity with SOCA in fighting against this unjust displacement and I actively stand against the perpetuation of systemic racism.

As a black student organization on campus, SOCA is essential in providing resources and a safe place for black students at SFU to gather for socialization and support. Displacing SOCA denies black students such safety and perpetuates the marginalization of people of colour.

The conduct of the SFSS is not in keeping with SFU’s policies on equity and diversity. I urge the SFSS to not take part in perpetuating institutionalized racism and to provide SOCA with one of the Organization Suites in the Student Union Building (SUB) along with the other equity-seeking groups currently in the Rotunda.

Best Regards,
Supporting Organization
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