2019 IFIP W.G 9.4 Conference Evaluation
Thank you for your participation in the 15th IFIP W.G 9.4 international conference on social implications of computers in developing countries. In order to continually improve the conference and provide you with beneficial experiences, we ask that you complete this evaluation form. This information is very important to us and we will appreciate for your response.
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Conference website
Paper submission and review process
Responses and feedback from the secretariat
PhD workshop
Payment process
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Opening session
Keynote presentations
Variety of breakout topics
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Overall conference
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Collect, exchange and disseminate experiences of developing countries
Develop a consciousness on social implications of computers in developing nations
Develop criteria, methods, and guidelines for design and implementation of culturally adapted information systems
Create a greater interest to focus on issues of special relevance to developing countries through joint activities with other Technical Committees
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