2020 Passover - Mountain Lake Ranch
Dates: April 8 (Passover); April 9-15 (Unleavened Bread)
Location: 2865 Mountain Ranch Dr, Dandridge, TN 37725
Website: https://www.mountainlakeranch.com/about_us
For reservations contact Gail Bremner at gailbremner8180@gmail.com or 828-242-3115 or Charlesvincent Agbisit at charlesvincent.agbisit@gmail.com
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Check-in is at 3pm on Arrival day (April 8) and check-out is at 10am on Departure day (April 16).
How do you plan to lodge during your stay? *
All prices are for the entire stay at Mountain Lake Ranch. For descriptions of the Log Cabin Lodge, gym, tent and RV sites at Mountain Lake Ranch please visit https://www.mountainlakeranch.com/rentals or contact gailbremner8180@gmail.com or charlesvincent.agbisit@gmail.com for more information. A bunk bed has two beds (a lower and an upper) and the full size bed can fit two. It is our intent to fill the Log Cabin First - we will do the best to accomodate families and couples that require privacy; please contact Gail Bremner at gailbremner8180@gmail.com or 828-242-3115 for additional information.
Will you be needing a meal plan?
All meals will be plant based and we can accommodate various dietary restrictions with advance notice. There will be two meals a day and a light snack for supper. For additional information on meals please contact Carolynne Fekete at bcfekete@yahoo.com.
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In an effort to better accommodate our guests please let us know what the times you normally eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only list times for the meals you eat.
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Separate topics by pressing "enter" (subjects can include home instruction topics such as country living, health/cooking demonstrations, gardening, etc).
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Would you like to volunteer for any of the following?
We will follow-up with you via email to further discuss volunteer opportunities.
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A non-refundable deposit of $50/person is required within 1 week of registration. Please contact Gail Bremer at gailbremner8180@gmail.com to make your deposit. Based on your registration enter the deposit amount below:
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We highly encourage paying in full by April 1, 2020 in order to provide full payment to Mountain Lake Ranch on April 8, 2020. Payment upfront, down payment, payment plans are all available prior to arrival. For payment information please contact gailbremner8180@gmail.com or charlesvincent.agbisit@gmail.com. Forms of payment include paypal, check, credit card (4% processing fee; all cards accepted except for American Express) and cash. *For PayPal Payments - Please ensure you send the payment as a FRIEND and not as a service/company or we may be charged a 3% processing fee from Paypal which we may request reimbursement.
In addition to your comments, if you would like to be contacted for more information or if you have specific questions please let us know in the comments field below.
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