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Use this form to submit or update your organization's directory information to GaNCH.

Information about organizations submitted via this form will be published and visible to the public in Wikidata, the linked open database from the Wikimedia Foundation.

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What is the name of the Organization whose directory information you are submitting?
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Please describe the type of organization you are submitting.  Some sample organization types include: academic library, history museum, municipal archives, historical society, aquarium, planetarium, herbarium, etc.  Be as descriptive as possible.
Organization's Full Mailing Address
For example:  Sample Museum, P. O. Box 111, Someplace, GA 00000-0000
Organization's Full Street Address
For example: Sample Museum, 111 Main Street, Someplace, GA 00000-0000
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For example:  912-000-0000
Organization's Email Address
Organization's Official Website
Organization's Facebook ID
Everything after "".   For example: SampleMuseum
Organization's Twitter Username
Everything after "@".  For example:  SampleMuseum
Organization's Founding Date
Date that the organization was created.  For example: 01 January 1980
Organization's Dissolution Date
Date that the organization ceased operations (if the organization no longer exists).  For example: 05 February 2015
Organization's Parent Organization
Does this organization "fall under" another organization? If so, list its name here.
Organization's Subsidiary Organizations
Do any other organizations "fall under" this organization? If so, list their names here.
Please provide any publicly available sources (web pages, news articles, Facebook posts, books, etc.) that we can use to verify the information submitted above.
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