Wayne County Defenders COVID-19 Inmate Release Coordination
While a coordinated effort and comprehensive demand is forthcoming from NDS, DJC, SADO and WCCDBA for the immediate release of vulnerable and/or non-violent inmates during this unprecedented health crisis, an order has yet to be entered. As defenders, it is our responsibility to center the humanity and safety of our clients during this time through our advocacy for them. In doing so, the onus is on us to bring them home, if the government doesn't act quickly and appropriately.

Therefore, all defenders are asked to complete this form so that coordinated efforts can begin to get emergency motions drafted and filed for bonds to be reduced to personal bonds for defendants. The courts are holding emergency hearings, including emergency bond hearings. A standard motion with both the impacts of COVID-19 and Michigan authority has been drafted and will be shared with everyone who completes this form. We are looking to identify all defendants who are either vulnerable or held on non-violent offenses. We are looking to identify all defenders willing to help with the swapping of names and case numbers for filing. Lastly, we are looking for all defenders willing to argue emergency bond motions.
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Are you able to help identify vulnerable inmates and non-violent offenders (misdemeanors and felonies)? *
Are you able to assist with the filing of individual emergency motions for defendants? *
Are you available to argue motions at emergency hearings next week? *
Please list all known pre-trial defendants (with case numbers, charges, bail amount, jail location, and details regarding vulnerability) who fall into either category (vulnerable or non-violent offenses)
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