SMCC Membership 2020
---Why Become an SMCC Member?---
Joining the SMCC is similar to joining a trail association, or Nordic ski club. By formalizing our membership we become stronger as an organization, have more clout with various bodies and ski areas, and are better able to advance the sport across the country. We are looking for more than just athletes – volunteers, coaches, anyone who is interested in being a part of this growing sport.
Additionally, as a member you are entitled to the following:
- Voting rights at annual AGM to elect SMCC leadership and influence the direction of the SMCC
- Eligibility for Canada Cup points, and a national ranking
- Eligibility for selection to the national team, and world championships team
- Discounted race fees (starting 2020-2021 season)

----Membership Terms and Fees---
Members may join at any time during the current “season”, which is loosely defined as beginning in June, timed around our AGM (after the close of the racing season).
The membership fee for the first extended season, running until June 2021, is $0. This will transition to a nominal amount in future years.
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