STI Student Evaluation of Teaching
Senior High School
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I. Student Information
1) Grade Level? *
2) Expected Grade in this subject? *
3) How many class meetings have you missed? *
4) How many times have you been late to this class? *
5) On average, how many hours a week did you spend outside of class preparing for this subject? *
6) Which best describes this subject for you? *
7) Which best describes your desire to take this subject? *
8) Would you take this subject even if it is not required? *
9) How would you rate the overall pace of the course? *
10) For you, what is the level of difficulty of the subject content? *
11) Overall, how much do you feel you have learned in this subject? *
II. The Teacher - Part A
Rating Scale: Strongly Agree (SA), Agree (A), Disagree (D), Strongly Disagree (SD), Not Applicable (NA)
Questions *
1. Is able to explain the objectives, expectations, and requirements of the subject well
2. Comes prepared for the class
3. Stimulates interest in the subject
4. Shows interest in helping students learn
5. Uses class time efficiently
6. Responds to questions adequately
7. Presents the subject matter clearly, comprehensively, and systematically
8. Demonstrates depth and mastery of the subject
9. Relates subject to current issues/concerns/other fields/other areas of discipline
10. Connects the topics to students’ personal improvement, future profession, and life as a whole
11. Promotes student learning (i.e. critical thinking) and greater sense of responsibility (i.e. self-reliance, self-discipline etc.) through teaching methods/strategies/OBE approach
12. Uses evaluation measures and tests that efficiently apply the concepts covered in the subject
13. Gives clear and reasonable subject requirements/assignments/tasks
14. Gives useful feedback on students’ performance
15. Is firm and consistent, strict but reasonable in disciplining students
16. Treats all students tactfully and with respect
17. Invites respect through appearance and behavior
18. Is available to students during consultation hours
19. Provides academic intervention, differentiated teachings, and remediation to students having difficulty in learning
20. Uses e-LMS and/or Digital Learning for classroom discussion or classroom activities
Part B
1. How many times has the teacher been late? *
2. How many class meetings has the teacher missed? *
3. How does the teacher dismiss the class? *
4. How does the teacher return or post results of corrected exam, quizzes, assignments, reports, outputs, etc.? *
5. Is the teacher fair in giving grades? *
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6. What is your overall rating of the teacher’s teaching? *
7. Among the teachers you have had, how would you rate this teacher? *
8. What is the teacher’s strong points? Areas for improvement?
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