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About Ensemble Ouvert
By engaging in the Ensemble Ouvert project, artists provide dynamic opportunities for their work and the work of others to generate new perspectives beyond the usual models of collaboration, exchange and authorship. It’s not about making work around one person’s vision or having someone decide what the work is about. It's about making work that is both autonomous and connected.

Ensemble Ouvert is a feedforward process of transmission, i.e work moves onward from one artist to the next without preliminary discussions about what the work means, how it should be interpreted, in what medium, or what outcome is desired.
The artists only get the full view of the 'streams' once the stages of transmission are completed. Then there can be open discussions, interpretation and exchanges.
There is no curator, no selection committee, no aesthetic stamp of approval in Ensemble Ouvert.
An intermediary (go-between person) coordinates the whole process from transmission, documentation to website postings.

Instructions for participation
Once you submit this form, an artwork will be sent to you, without the name of the artist or information about the work. Ideally, you will submit your own artwork no later than two weeks after receiving the material. All transmission is done via email/weblinks.
Each artist commits to contributing material created by them, without copyright infringement.
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* To know more about Ensemble Ouvert, please browse the website: www.ensembleouvert.com
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