Center for Maine Craft & Maine Craft Portland: Jury Registration
The Maine Crafts Association retail gallery jury process is open to all craftspeople, including MCA members and non members, who live and work, at least seasonally, in Maine. All qualifying work must be well conceived and expertly executed in Maine. It also must be made by hand or with the use of appropriate equipment and tools.

The MCA has two juries, one for craftwork and one for non-craft work (“complementary” products). The craft juries are held at the Center for Maine Craft & Maine Craft Portland six times per year, and require the artist to be present. Complementary products are evaluated on a rolling basis, and do not require the vendor to be present. All jury applicants are required to pay a jury fee except MCA Professional and Emerging members.

**Please note that our jury locations alternate between our Portland and Gardiner retail galleries when registering for your appointment.

Center for Maine Craft - PO Box 342 Gardiner, ME 04345 | (207)588-0021
Maine Craft Portland - 521 Congress St. Portland, ME 04101 | (207)808-8184

Please contact for questions about your appointment.

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