Birth Pool Rental
Please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24-48 hours with a confirmation email and an invoice of $97.50 in order to complete the reservation of a unit.
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Terms and Conditions
1. A licensed Midwife or doula MUST be present when giving birth in the pool.
2. The pool is strictly limited to indoor use only.
3. The birth pool will be used in according to the instructions included along the rental unit.
4. The birth pool being rented is only meant to be used by the person whose name appears on this form and is non transferable.
5. The birth pool will be supplied in good working condition, ready for use and MUST be returned in the same condition received.
6. Client agrees to use the disposable liner provided with the pool. The pool is never to be used without the liner.
7. This rental will include a new fitted liner (phthalate free), a new lead-free, non-toxic 25' drinking hose, a universal faucet adaptor, an electric air pump, a submersible pump including manuals and cleaning instruction for pump and birth pool.
8. Client takes full responsibility for the manner in which the pool is used and any damage to the pool or accessories caused by abuse or negligence (e.g. puncture by sharp objects, melting, etc) or in the event of lost, stolen or damaged in any way or not returned in same working condition, the client will be charged the full replacement value of the pool and / or accessories will apply.
9. All pieces in the original package MUST be returned, excluding the one time use items listed here: pool liner, drinking water hose and universal faucet adaptor.
10. The birth pool MUST be returned clean and dry. Cleaning instructions for the submersible pump are included with the pump and MUST be followed.
11. Client agrees to release and hold blameless and indemnify and save harmless the Supplier and its agents, employees, successors, assigns, officers, directors and associates, as well as the pool manufacturer are hereby released and held harmless from any and all manner of actions, causes of action, proceedings, suits, debts, expenses, general damages, special damages, costs of defending any claim on a solicitor and own client basis, interest, claims, demands, and all responsibility and liability for both maternal and infant complications, including mortality or morbidity or injury or physical property damage to any or all persons connected with the use of the rented pool that may occur before, during and / or after labour and birth.
12. The rental period is 4 weeks – from approximately 2 weeks before your due date until 2 weeks after.
13. If the pool is returned after the due date of the pool rental, there is a $75 per week late charge. If the delay is due to baby being overdue, please contact us immediately to avoid late charges!
14. There are no refunds for the pool not being used or for being returned before the end of the rental period, unless baby is born before the pool is picked up.
15. Client responsibility to familiarize how to use the birth pool and accessories and to read through the instructions included with the rental. In the event the client discovers any issue, Bumbini must be notified immediately. Failing to do so makes it impossible for Bumbini to take corrective action and Bumbini takes no responsibility if not notified immediately.
Standard Warning and Safeguards
1. Severe damage to the birth pool and personal harm may occur if the birth pool in not set up and used properly and all of the enclosed instructions are not properly followed.
2. Check birth pool temperatures before use. The maximum safe water temperature should be established by your midwife or doula.
3. Unsupervised use by children is prohibited. Never leave children unattended without adult supervision in the vicinity of the birth pool.
4. Keep pets and all foreign sharp objects out of the pool to protect against punctures or other damage to the liner and pool.
5. DO NOT OVERFILL the pool, taking into consideration water displacement when individuals enter the pool. Also lay a tarp under the pool to protect floors.
6. Avoid electric shock and personal injury by keeping all electrical devices a minimum 3 meters or 10 feet away from the filled birth pool at all times.
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