Mission Trip 2021
The Mid-Northeast Mission District will be going on a Mission Trip to Pensacola, Florida, October 17-23, 2021. We are encouraging people to plan on finding ways to travel down to Florida on Sunday so we can begin to work on Monday morning. The cost for the trip will be $150, which will cover the cost for all the food for the week. We will be staying at St. Paul Lutheran Church, so please bring an air mattress, cot, or any other means to sleep on while we are there. Transportation will be on your own. Please return by September 1st with a deposit of $100. If you have any questions feel free to contact Pastor Matthew Vatalare at rev.vatalare@gmail.com or Pastor Joyce Dix-Weiers at jadwltsg@aol.com
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St. Paul has asked us the skill level of each person attending so they know what jobs to select for us. Please let us know what skills you may have. *
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