How does the emotional branding affect buying behaviour of millennials in the beauty industry
Hey! I am conducting this survey for my MSc Dissertation. It takes a few minutes, but can influence the industry. So, feel free to participate and share it with friends and relatives. Your responses are very valuable for this study! THANK YOU!!!
Your occupancy?
Do you use beauty products
How often do you buy beauty products?
'Beauty product'. What was the first brand name you thought of?
Your answer
Which brands are you familiar with from the list below?
1.It's important for me to use the products that most girls/boys in my social network use
In the following section, will be provided statements that you will need to evaluate.
2. The use of beauty products of a certain brand helps me to show others who I am or who I would like to be.
3. I value the opinion of friends about the beauty products
4. I am more likely to purchase the products of the brand that my friend advises me
5. The opinion of beauty-bloggers concerning beauty products is important to me
6. I am more likely to purchase the products of the brand that the beauty blogger will advise
7. I will not go to the store to buy new beauty products until I take a look at the blogger's review
8. It is important for me where the product was manufactured
9. It is important for me that the brand of beauty product is special, different from other competitors
10. It is important for me who is the face of the beauty brand
11. It is important for me that the motto of the brand is addressed to me, reflecting my behavior and lifestyle
Thank you for your time!
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