Delta Pickleball Member Survey
As your club continues to grow in members, the Delta Pickleball Assoc. Board is seeking your feedback to ensure we meet our members expectations and our goals.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, which will help us understand what we should do to help our members and promote Pickleball in Delta.
Email address *
First and Last Name *
Tournaments *
Have you participated in any of our tournaments
Tournament Improvements
If yes, what could we do better to improve our tournaments?
Future Tournaments *
Which of the following types of tournaments would you be interested in, if any?
Lessons *
Have you participated in any of our free outdoor lessons
Lesson Improvements
What can we do to improve our lessons
Indoor Courts *
We currently rely mainly on Municipal Courts, with a pay-per-use system
Outdoor Courts *
Additional Courts at Dennison and Chalmers Parks are currently under construction. New Cromie courts are scheduled for 2020 and Pebble Hill ones in 2021. Which of these do you intend to use.
Referee *
Would you be interested in taking a course to be a certified referee
Certified Playing Level *
Would you be interested in paying a small fee to be given your official playing level ?
What should we continue to do?
What should we start to do?
What should we stop doing?
Scheduling Committee:
The board will be developing scheduled playing times at our dedicated pickleball courts, which will be implemented in 2020. Participation groups like ladies, men's, mixed, social time, all level play, round robin, ladder play are some examples of what is being considered. There will be organized play sessions according to skill levels to allow members to play with like-skilled players. Designated play sessions may be defined as 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 or a combination of. In addition to your above comments, do you have any further suggestions for the Scheduling Committee that you would like them to consider?
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